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The Flacco Defense


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I haven't been surprised, but a bit disappointed, in the Flacco hate in recent days. Not from here per se, but more generally...


The real problem on Sunday was the defense. Even if Cundiff had made that first FG, we would still be playing to the SD gameplan for most of the game because we couldn't stop them. Unlike in the Seatlle game, by halftime the game was pushing being out of reach - especially immediately following halftime. And at that point, even I, the ever-true "we have to run more" fan, understood that the offense had to 'break out' a bit.


Flacco could have played better, sure. But the SD defense is formidable any day... but even more difficult to move the ball against when they know you aren't going to run it. So we're back to this: no run game = more of a pass rush. More pass rush = more blockers needed to defend Joe. More blockers = fewer receivers available. Fewer receivers = fewer opportunities to get open, the longer Joe has to hold the ball.


It's not a perfect defense. But the defense was the problem in the first place. I really don't think the game says much about our offense - except that when we're getting shellacked against a good team, it's hard to get the motor moving...

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I'm not going to make any excuses for Joes performance Sunday night. It wasn't good.


On todays Kornheiser radio show, he said that he asked Derrik Mason who was the better QB...Flacco or Sanchez?...since Derrick had played with both.

Derrick said it's not even close. Flacco.

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I think everyone understands the defense was the major problem on Sunday. When the other team doesn't punt all game, thats a problem.


I also agree with you that Cameron's game plan (or more specifically, his pass/run ratio) was appropriate given the situation we were in. Flacco had a bad game. He wasn't accurate and he went through his progressions way too slow. He was late targeting open receivers, and he took a lot of sacks because he simply held onto the ball too long. On top of that...his decision making was awful late in the game. We're down multiple scores and Joe is dumping the ball off to Ray Rice on 3rd and long. Even Chris Colinsworth questioned why the Ravens weren't taking more shots deep. Flacco has too many games like this. When he is good he is a top 10 QB, but when he is bad - and this happens 3 or 4 times a year, he is awful. Joe can get us to 12 wins, and that is good enough for most teams. The question is, can he take the Ravens to the next level? We know we can get to the playoffs with Joe, but can we get to and win the SB with Joe? After yet another bad performance there are a lot of Ravens fans who would bet that he can't.

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Where to start here....


Sunday we witnessed something that we havent seen before, not even during 1996-1997 when we gave up 34 points a game. The Ravens have never had a team score on 5 consecutive drives against them. There was no adjustment from Pagano, and Im almost positive we can no longer adjust because of Ray Lewis, he just dosen't have the speed anymore.


As far as Cundiff goes, he needs to go, he's missed 9 field goals this season only 4 over 50 yards, he sucked prior to his injury now we are going to have to hear this excuse for the rest of the season..The only reason his misses haven't bee magnified is due to the fact we haven't lost close games, we either blow teams out or we get blown out. We dont need a "cowboy" at this juncture of the season, if you're hurt..Rest!!!


How many times over the years havent we been here after a loss proclaiming, you cant go on the road and kick field goals?? I dont understand how we marched the ball right down San Diegos throat on the opening drive, and get nothing and honestly after witnessing that opening drive I would have been dissapointed with 3..


Joe was sacked 7 times Sunday, did we not just go through a stretch of 4 games where Joe was sacked 1 time? And where was our pressure, no sacks and 1 hurry on the most immobile QB's in the NFL..Im tired of hearing about San Diegos WR's and TE's that are 6'5" or better, if Rivers is on his ass hows he completing passes to this big guys..Webb would have not made a difference Sunday, Williams and Jimmy Smith looked like what they are, Rookies. Webb aint Superman..


January First, jow in the hell are we covering AJ Green, this game is definately going to be meaningful to the Bengals.

And the only silver lining to our embarassment Sunday was us getting the 2 seed, it puts Pittsburg to the 5 seed and in NE's bracket, we could have an easy road to the AFCCG, hosting the Texans and then maybe getting the AFCCG here.


This loss is on the coaches Harbs, Cam and Pags, not 1 effin adjustment.

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His accuracy went way up once he started throwing dump off after dump off.


Yes, he was very accurate throwing 3 yard dump offs to Ray Rice once they were down 10+ points, but I think SD were happy seeing him do that because there is no way you are coming back to win the game doing that.


It was completely ineffective and mostly an exercise in stat padding.

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Flacco needs no defense. He is who he is. Joe needs a complimentary, effective running game, consistent, effective run/pass blocking from his OL, and consistent play (and catches) from his WRs. if those planets align, Joe is in a comfort zone and is fine. If not, you get performances like we saw against Tenn, Jax, Seattle,and SD.



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