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Flacco can win AFC title in city that shunned him


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The chance to be the quarterback in big games, in a supportive city passionate about football, in a stadium with a significant home-field advantage.


Only he didn't expect it would be for this team, the Baltimore Ravens, in this AFC championship game against the Steelers, the team he spent several years watching from up close while practicing daily in the training complex it shares with Pitt.


No, Flacco came to the city six years ago to play for Pittsburgh, not oppose it, except his major college career didn't work out as planned. Banished to Pitt's bench, possibly overlooked during a coaching staff change, his path to Sunday's AFC title game took a detour through college football's back-channels to Delaware, making him a Blue Hen rather than a Panther.


"I never got a shot," said Flacco, who transferred after throwing only four passes in two seasons at Pitt. "I still carry it with me that I'm a I-AA guy and I had to go down to the minor leagues of college football and prove who I was."


Wanny and Cavs wouldnt know a QB from a LT.





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LeBeau has backed off some of the Steelers' blitzing this season, based on the opponent, but he conceivably could crank it up against the rookie. Several Steelers players said the game speed and intensity will be unlike anything Flacco has seen


What boat did these guys just get off?


Joe practices against the fastest, most physical D in the NFL...every day.

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