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New casino could fund Vikings stadium


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By letting February 15 come and go without informing the league office of an intention to relocate, the Vikings are rolling the dice on getting a new stadium built in Minnesota. And that stadium eventually could be funded by a lot of dice rolling.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the White Earth Tribe will announce on Thursday a plan to build a casino in Minneapolis metropolitan area, which the tribe claims will generate enough money to cover the public’s share of the new stadium with no new taxes.

After the stadium is paid off, the money earmarked for the stadium would go to the state.


So the NFL hates gambling until it will fund their stadiums. The NFL is so hypocritical.

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Under the NFL’s rules barring an employee’s association with any gaming operation, Owens and other current players such as fellow wide receivers Santana Moss(notes) and Santonio Holmes(notes), defensive tackle Gerard Warren(notes) and linebacker Adalius Thomas(notes), could be forced to cease involvement.



The policies refer to The Rooney family's gambling operation. The family owns racetracks in New York and Florida, and the team said "these facilities have added forms of gaming that are inconsistent with NFL gambling policy." The racetracks that were owned by the Rooney's recently received slot machines. According to league policy, no NFL owner may own, directly or indirectly, any interests in a gambling casino. The NFL defines any facility with slot machines as a casino.

One of the Rooneys' interests called into question are the Yonkers Raceway, a harness racing track outside of New York City, which was purchased by the five Rooney brothers in 1972. The facility recently added video gaming machines, slot machines, and now has 5,300 such games, according to its Web site. The other interest is the Palm Beach Kennel Club, a Greyhound racetrack in West Palm Beach, Fla. The track was purchased by Art Rooney Sr. and his five sons bought the track in 1970. The facility advertises poker rooms on its Web site.[9]


Where have you been to not know that NFL personnel cannot have any gambling interests? This has been a long term rule.

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