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Billick shares his thoughts on Dilfer


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Here's the article title by Brian Billick...


Dilfer aside, elite quarterbacks essential to winning titles


Remember this is coming from a coach who won a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer and then released him in the offseason. Obviously he is a championship-caliber quarterback, but I don't think people would argue him to be elite. I surely didn't. It was my opinion that I needed to upgrade the quarterback position if I wanted to repeat. Keep in mind that during the title season we failed to score an offensive touchdown in a five-game span in which we lost three of those five games. If we couldn't create more offensive opportunity, not only would we not repeat, but we would struggle to even make the playoffs. I didn't think I could count on another season with 2,000 yards rushing, another season of timely special teams touchdowns and another season of the most dominating defensive play in NFL history.



At least he calls him Championship caliber...but he goes after Grrrbacc who wasn't even championship caliber.

If Searcy and Jamal don't go down that year things just might have worked out.



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