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Do you believe in any of that?


My dads wife went and visited one Sunday, she gave me the details last night.


When she approached the Medium, she divulged nothing. And the median was correct on so much stuff it was eerie.

She even went as far to say that Dad was with his best friend Ronnie (Ronnie passed 4 years ago). She also told Dads wife, that my father said to not miss coming north for Christmas..


Im absolutely clueless, but I do watch the Ghost Whisperer..

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Medium (not median)


It's hard not to believe sometimes... some of them seem so good and so on point, it's scary. A family friend called into a radio show here when that guy John Roberts was on it... and he was able to recall that her son had died in a car crash several years earlier, and even got that it had been misreported by the news (The Sun first said our friend's son had lived and another boy had died).

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Mediums, fortune tellers, and parlor psychics are all using various methods to fool people that have been around for a hundred and fifty years (or more). If you are really interested in how I recommend reading up on Houdini, he made it his mission for a while to debunk famous psychics of his day and told how many did their tricks. Thats why he was killed!*


Penn And Teller also did a story on psychics this season on Bullshit, the ones they told about had gathered loose information about the customers and would also pause mid sentence leaving a silence the customer would often fill. After their fortunes were told the people would be impressed by how much the psychic told them, even though on the tape it showed they gave the psychic most of the information themselves. Usually they were harmless but one of them did tell a woman her daughter, who had a incurable disease (lupus maybe?) would get better, that really pissed P&T off.


I dont know how the media psychics work, but I am sure its some variation of the other methods. Oddly enough (or stupidly) overall I dont discount the possibility of psychics, yet every time I see or hear of one I think scam artist. (same with UFOs, I dont think they are impossible, but if you tell me you saw one I'd think you saw something else and were mistaken (or crazy))














*actual conspiracy theory held by some, but not really me

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I am much the same, Spen. And yeah, even with that guy John Roberts... he goes for letters... "J... something J... first or last name..." and its like, well, everyone knows someone with a J name... and probably someone with a J name who's died... or is important, etc etc.


Meanwhile, like I said... as much as I know its all fake, sometimes its hard to believe... I dunno... I try to spend as much time figuring them out as believing them lol

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I think most of the stuff that is out, that we see is BS. But I think there are people out htere that can see things. How big is our minds and how much of it do we use? I think some can use parts of the mind that others don't know how to.


deja vu


There are ways to work our minds, sights, sounds and smells. We can change our moods, we can change the way we think.





Why is that listening to some songs get you pumped up?


It is all part of your mind.

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