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Aint's Biggest Disappointment this season


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They really fell apart...


1. New Orleans: These are the guys who were going to fight back from Bountygate and show us they were bigger, stronger and mightier than any scandal the NFL dreamed up -- at least, that was the intention. The sad reality is that the Saints are one of two winless ballgames, and the numbers don't lie. In the words of Bill Parcells, they are what their record says they are, and that's not very good. In fact, their three losses were to opponents who haven't beaten anyone else, with two of them at home where the Saints didn't lose in 2011. That makes them 3-0 vs. the New Orleans and 0-6 vs. the league. I thought the Saints had an abundance of talent to overcome a brutal offseason, but I was wrong. Their offense stinks. Their defense stinks. And their quarterback? Don't get me started on Drew Brees. He ranks 25th among quarterbacks -- or right behind the Jets' Mark Sanchez -- with a passer rating of 77.0 and has nearly as many interceptions (5) as touchdowns (7). Not good. Now let's look at his last performance. The Saints were up 24-6 vs. winless Kansas City and blew it. Worse, Brees couldn't produce a first down on the last five series and amassed a grand total of ... --16 yards? The Saints are paying Brees megabucks. It's time he started earning it.



Brees is the most surprising flop after the incredible numbers that he's put up. He got his money.

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