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I don't think they want the stink in their rooms


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should have changed the venue atleast Philly? Pittsburgh makes more sense though.

can't believe the commish didn't open his fat mouth and disuss this.

i do know he just fined Harrison for New York being defenseless

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hey steel


did you see on TTF's steelers site where those guys were mad at me in the " price list" topic under steeler talk?


it just seemed to me that the OP was a defeatist

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LOL the have 3 pages of excuses ready, when the Stealers get whipped Sunday...What asshole said "They should move the game to Pittsburgh" who is he fucking kidding...


hell i don't even know how the hell i got back on that board steel

you know i love pushing buttons bobby biz recognized me but i didn't reply because i just knew that punk, fear the beard, would push for me getting banned again.;-)



CMAs were in town cravn

i left early had a good buzz but was wore out

now i get to chill out for the next few weeks, maybe.;-)

i won't be down in your neck of the woods not until february

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the game couldn't be postponed but it could have been moved but it wasn't. there was a fan saying he didn't want to go because of the situation

well fine with that but don't cry about losing monies because you decided not to go. it's his own fault he is missing out. the game is still on w or w/o him

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If the city cant handle having a game right now it shouldnt be there. Remember the saints played home to the giants in ny. The trains arent running its going to hard for new yorkers to get there to watch the game. Im not worried about the flying in part the game is at 4:25 so that shouldnt matter but the resources it takes to host this game arent there and shouldnt be there. The police need to be in the streets not at a football game.

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Its only the southern citys that cant handle adversity, New Orleans, dont forget Houston, forcing us to a bye week in week 2 in 09..If any city can handle this. Its New Jersey

remember cravn at that time houston still had a bunch of people from new orleans refugees too

it sucked for the two teams to have a whole season without a bye

they could've moved to another venue then too like minny vikes had did

seems that common sense



this is just gonna happen more n more with the climate


they are called barrier islands for a reason (i'm a hypocrite)

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