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Anyone Home?


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Just got home...it does get too quiet.


The Ravens had three starters -- offensive tackle Jared Gaither (illness), linebacker Jarret Johnson (shoulder) and cornerback Fabian Washington (illness) -- missed Wednesday’s practice, the team announced on its injury report.


Defensive tackle Justin Bannan (knee) was limited in practice, and tight end L.J. Smith (hamstring) and safety Tom Zbikowski (head) had a full practice.


For the Browns, running back Jamal Lewis (hamstring) didn’t practice. Pro Bowl nose tackle Shaun Rogers (foot) was limited.



Nasty flu bug floating around....


Can't believe ESPN has their "Vick will start watch" beginning already.

furst.jpg"Do you think he will start?"


vernon.jpg"NO Shitforbrains!!!!!!!"


See...when nobody is here you can talk to yourself...it's easy... :)


I want to see LJ Smith on the field earning his paycheck.


Now ESPN is covering Favre...I guess T.O is next...they already did Brady...that makes them go to bed at night thinking they covered the NFL. Talk about the same 5 or 6 players everyday...for 17+ weeks...


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New one it is. Some good deals out there all the time... and if you don't mind refurbs, good deals on Dell Refurbs Dell Outlet



LOL not so fast. We still have an HP that my wife spent 1400 on in the basement. It was only 18months old when the screen went out. If I can get that up and running for less than $300 I'm going for it. If not, well i'm buying a Sony - I'm about done with HPs

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