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The Baltimore Ravens can celebrate more than a win over their division rival if they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.


According to the NFL, the Ravens can clinch the AFC North for a second straight season if they beat the Steelers and the Bengals lose at San Diego. Under that scenario, the Ravens would have a four-game lead over the Steelers and Bengals with four games remaining.


Baltimore can secure a playoff spot for a fifth consecutive season with a win over Pittsburgh. The Ravens also can earn a postseason berth if they tie the Steelers along with a Bengals loss and a Dolphins loss or tie.



There's no reason for the team and the fans to feel comfortable because now we can sweat getting the bye and home field. That will be a tall order looking at the remaining schedule. It looks like the competition has an easier schedule.


The Pats play Miami, Houston, San Fran, Jacksonville and Miami.

The Broncos play Tampa, Oakland, Ravens, Cleveland, and KC.


A win over Denver would be huge.

The betting minds say the Ravens will lose 2 games and the Pats win out. They are 8-0 for the second half of their last 3 seasons.


"I'm one bad MoFo!"


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I also would consider the Pats underdogs against Houston and the 49ers. Remember, no Gronk.


That said, Denver's schedule is cake outside of us and I don't think we beat Denver...they'll probably get the 2 seed.



WHAT????????? Denver has never beaten us in Baltimore, this aint the same Pay-A-Ton Manning we have grown to hate because of his ownership over the Ravens..


On a side note, Denver has played 3 division leaders this season...They are 0-3 vs them.

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4-0 in November.

I see this team turning the heat up another notch this month.

I respect the competition, but I don't see any game as one that they can't win. I also would be amazed if they won out.

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And why not?


Brady has real problems against heavily pass rushing defenses. I suppose all QBs do, but Brady seems to go from All world status to average. I don't see Brady beating either team. Also, both of those teams offenses can put up points on the Pats, can Brady keep up? I just don't think so. I don't think the Pats match up well. Sure they stomp the teams they're supposed to stomp, but they struggle against the real defenses. The Giants are an example, they give him fits.

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