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I think the interesting quote in that article is


Ravens Permanent Seat Licenses reached sold-out status four years ago, but as more fans inquired about purchasing season tickets, the Ravens created The List to give those interested the opportunity to buy PSLs directly from the Ravens as they became available.


The article was posted on Aug 20, 2008 so that would put it in place for the 2004 season maybe?

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The List only moves when either someone does not pay his season tickets within a reasonable amount of time or a PSL owner gets two strikes on the behavior of the people using their tickets and loses their PSLs. I love the Ravens as much as any other fan here, but this is a bad waiting list concept, making people pay money each year for a waiting list that moves only about 500 or less spots a year. I would rather pay a premium for PSLs or wait till the Ravens have a few losing seasons and get them for a lower price. I think the wait if you are on the bottom of the list takes about 20 to 30 years, unless you buy a higher spot. I also heard a rumor that Art Modell has some financial problems around the last 90's or early 2000's and had to sell PSLs to various ticket brokers in a bulk purchase at a discount to raise funds, thus another reason why PSLs are sold out and there is "The List".

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I'm pretty sure I joined in 2005. That's when I started working down in Baltimore. I need to call them to find out. I'm in the 600 range. My spot didn't move at all this year; first time that has happened.

Dee you deserve better than 600! I hope you get in ASAP!

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He definately sold to brokers. There are seats behind me that always have fans from visiting teams....year after year.


That is why I'm glad Bisciotti is the owner now, although I thank Art for moving the team to Baltimore and I still think he should be enshrined in Canton, he still had financial problems. I think it was Steve's influx of money as a minority partner that helped get us from being an 8-8 team in 1999 to winning the Super Bowl in 2000.

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