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Shanahan should be held accountable

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He let his own intersts seriously injure a player.


RG III should have come out of the game

Griffin was injured. He entered the game injured, still wearing a brace to protect against further injury from the ligament sprain he suffered four weeks earlier in Baltimore. Sunday morning, a USA Today story quoted Redskins team physician James Andrews saying he was "a nervous wreck" letting Griffin play so soon after the injury. When Griffin clearly aggravated the injury on a first-and-goal pass attempt in the first quarter Sunday, alarm bells should have been going off, and Griffin's bravado should not have been enough to silence them. Not for the coach who traded three first-round picks and a second-round pick to get him and who's charged with the care and maintenance of his long-term health.



Griffin's knee injury is on Shanahan

The most sickening part about watching Robert Griffin III crumple in a heap just outside his own end zone with 6:19 left in the Washington Redskins’ 24-14 wild card loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday wasn’t the way the rookie quarterback’s right knee contorted, gruesomely, in a way that knees most certainly are not designed to bend.

No, the worst thing about the way Sunday’s game ended, both for the Redskins and Griffin, the No. 2 pick in April’s draft and a leading candidate for Offensive Rookie of the Year, was that all of it — the injury, the loss and the mindless babbling to explain it all away afterward — could have been prevented. None of it should have ever happened.

If Redskins coach Mike Shanahan had any good sense about him, he’d have taken Griffin, who first sprained his right LCL on Dec. 9 against Baltimore, out of the game late in the first quarter, the moment he came limping back from the sideline after his knee buckled while planting to throw a pass. At worst, Shanahan should have stripped him of his helmet at the half, following a quarter of startling ineptitude with a visibly hobbled Griffin at the helm.

But it’s not up to the player. It can’t be. That’s why the dangers of concussions are such a hot-button issue today, and other injures should be treated with equal care. Leaving Griffin on the field, with a tattered knee and a precedent for knee injuries, was reprehensible, and if the news turns out to be as bad as it looked, Shanahan should be held accountable for what he did to Griffin’s future.


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It's real simple.

They had Dr Andrews there. Just ask "Is there a risk for a more severe injury like an ACL?"

If the answer us yes....and I think that's obvious...then you don't play him.

For Griffins good and to protect the investment of 3 1st round picks and a second.

They finally get a QB who can lead and win and then Shannahan sets it up so he has "Joe Namath knees" for life.

Totally irresponsible.

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Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III suffered a partially torn lateral collateral ligament in his right knee, a source told ESPN's Brett McMurphy.

Griffin also likely tore at least part of his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), but it's unknown how severe it is because a previous knee injury he suffered at Baylor in 2009 required two screws and a rubber band to hold it together.

Because of the previous injury, doctors initially could not determine Monday if his ACL was partially or completely torn and doctors don't know what surgery should be performed.

The Washington Post reported earlier that Griffin's MRI suggested partial tears to the ACL and LCL.



A torn ACL typically requires a rehabilitation period of nine to 12 months.


So he could be out for next year.

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Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III will undergo total reconstructive surgery of his right knee early Wednesday morning to repair torn anterior cruciate and lateral collateral ligaments, but he is expected to be ready for the opener of the 2013 NFL regular season, according to team sources familiar with the determination made by orthopedic specialist Dr. James Andrews.

The torn ACL was diagnosed late Tuesday as a complete tear of the patella graft that was used to repair Griffin's torn ACL suffered at Baylor in 2009. A team source said Andrews likely will use a patella graft from Griffin's left knee to repair the most recent tear.



The worst happened but it already sounds like they are trying to sweep this under the rug by saying he'll be back in 6-8 months and ready for the opener...."he'll be fine...no big deal."

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Ruined in one year. That knee will never be the same and yes we've probably seen him at his peak unfortunately. He'll never be as good as a pocket passer as the QB he could have been.


Gross incompetence on both Shanahan's parts. Mike for allowing him to continue against Baltimore and then not pulling him when he re-aggravated it in the first quarter, and Kyle for calling designed running plays for him after he was clearly seriously injured.


I wonder how all those traded draft picks taste to Snyder right now.

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This is worse than they make it out to be...


Any comparison to Peterson should end once the complexity of Griffin's surgery is understood. RG3 had both a torn anterior cruciate ligament and lateral collateral ligament repaired in his right knee, but doctors also needed to operate on his left knee for a patellar tendon graft.

The biggest concern is the damage to the cartilage in Griffin's right knee, which has now been operated on three times. It's unclear how much cartilage remains in the knee after two ACL surgeries, raising concerns of an eventual bone-on-bone condition that could end Griffin's career prematurely.


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