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This article is too funny. Boston mayor trying to talk trash to Rawlings Blake and he has no idea what he's talking about.




Menino, who was on speakerphone with Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake in front of reporters to discuss Sunday's AFC Championship Game between the New England Patriots andBaltimore Ravens, stumbled on a couple of names of prominent Patriots players.


"We have Tom Brady here, we have Tom Brady here, we have Tom Brady here. He's been our point person all season long," Menino said. "AndStevan Ridley, he's been another great guy. And Wilcock."



Menino, who was holding notes during the conversation, was obviously referring to Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork. Menino also was wearing Wilfork's No. 75 jersey at the time. :laugh: A reporter quickly corrected his mistake, but it wouldn't be his last.



"We have it all. (Aaron) Hernandez is going to do a great job. He'll step in for Gonk because Gonk's hurt," the mayor said, again while glancing at his notes. :laugh:



What a schmuck!



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