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Difference between Ravens Fans vs 9er Fans


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You can really tell a lot about a man by "his word"..


someone who constantly makes up bets and then gets pwned only to not live up to the bet and consequences he created shows one's true colors...


you don't need a picture to see that....

true there Joshua Tree

the Vortex 700

doesn't follow through on bets

but what do you expect from the Kirby door to door


Bissell man .BISSELL!


my little whirlwind Vortex 700 just cries to the mods about

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Nope. More like when you would lose ur <hit when I brought up that south border fence hopper u married.


Or when I brought up the time she hitchhiked her way to my house to spend all day on her knees.Kids got talent I get it Ill give you 50 pesos for her...lololol!!!


Remember that?



Oh the good Ol' days. Yes.




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Wassup OS?



Yeah this knob JT/Sybil is really going to take a beating if he sticks around....he doesn't have a mod he can cry too everyday of the week..then pretend its not him...what a joke this freak is...Fins/Steelers/Ravens are his teams in that order...




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