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49'er fans Pissed Off


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They are pissed at the team moving 40 miles to the south. That is like moving the Ravens into Landover.



But to 49ers fans in San Francisco and the North Bay, the move 40 miles south is a very big deal. Not only because of distance and dollars, but from a sense of rejection and disloyalty. They view the move as a sellout to Silicon Valley money, a betrayal of a rich heritage. It sounds like their longtime love affair is over.

there’s no denying the simmering level of anger.

Kathleen wrote: “I am dismayed and angry that you failed to mention that the 49ers will no longer be in San Francisco and season-ticket holders (of which I have been one for 49 years) are asked to pay thousands of dollars for seat licenses and drive many miles to see the games.”

Sy echoed her thoughts: “How many have a love affair with U.S. 101?” On seat licenses, he asked, “Since when are corporations and the 1 percent characterized as ‘the Faithful’?”

Leo said, “They have a foot out the door. That doesn’t engender the warm and fuzzies.” Kimi said, “Longtime fans feel betrayed that they’ve moved to the moneyed Santa Clara area rather than remaining part of our community.”

“They are not part of our city fabric,” wrote Ken. “It’s a joke that the city fathers are trying to sell San Francisco as host city for a Super Bowl that would be played 90 minutes away.”


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