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Ravens could benefit the most from Ogletree DUI charge


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Georgia inside linebacker Alec Ogletree was projected by some as a top-ten pick before his recent DUI arrest. While it’s unclear how far Ogletree could drop due to the incident, there’s a chance it will take him all the way to No. 32.

And right into the hands of the defending Super Bowl champions who are losing a fairly well known inside linebacker.

Already, the speculation is beginning that Ogletree could slide all the way to the Ravens, especially since the DUI comes less than a year after Ogletree was suspended four games by the Bulldogs for a positive drug test.

Ogletree has plenty of time to try to minimize the loss of millions that will come from the failure to fork over a few dollars for a cab, and with last year’s defensive character risks all panning out pretty well so far (Janoris Jenkins, Alfonzo Dennard, and Vontaze Burfict) there’s a chance Ogletree will go higher than expected.

Still, if he makes it all the way down the the bottom of round one, the Ravens have more than enough goodwill in Baltimore to justify rolling the dice on a guy who with a visit or two from Ray Lewis could be inspired to stay out of trouble, permanently.


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He has questionable instincts for a LB and it was his speed and athleticism in College that made him look good. In the pros where everyone is that bit faster and more athletic he will get found out. The ILB I would want at this stage of the process is Minter from LSU. He is as complete an ILB as we are going to find without the baggage of some of the other top ILBs.

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The lockerroom general thing is overstated. Why couldn't Ray fix Cmac?


Caus drugs were involved, if it would have been just an attitude problem then I think Ray could have gotten to him. But when its attitude & drugs Ray could have preached until he was blue in the face, C-Mac wouldnt have changed.

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I would pass on him everything I have read he is incredibly immature. Also he was only .1 second faster then Teo and was slower then him in the cones. He could be the next burfict and fall completely out of the draft.


To Burficts credit, we did lead the Bengals in tackles, he is a basement bargain,


If T'O fell to the later rounds then yes I would takke a shot on him...But as a top 5 pick as he was projected, I'd pass

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