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Reason to watch the Oscars


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OK...I'm watching.



Ed Reed has been many things: a future Hall of Fame safety, a reclusive, enigmatic football player.

This Sunday, he'll take on another, slightly more colorful role-- Oscars correspondent for the NFL Network.

Reed will cover the red carpet for a special edition of The Rich Eisen Podcast, which will air at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday on the network. Since the Oscars take place at the same time as the NFL ScoutingCombine, Eisen's show will combine the two. Last year, his Oscars correspondent was former Steeler Hines Ward, and Eisen admits there are some Ravens fans
who will be happy the Ravens took the job from the Steelers.

"He's taking everything from the Steelers," Eisen said. "Why not the Oscars?" :gorave:



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Click the link for a video of Ed reflecting on his experience at the oscars. He also talks about his free agent status. It doesn't appear to me that he is going anywhere unless the Ravens don't want him.


He also called himself a coach. He's looking ahead.

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I don't see them offering him a multi yr deal. HE has threatened to retire on them at least twice on his last deal.



thats fine if he retires..Who doesnt want to retire on top of the game?


It wouldnt piss me off if Joe flacco retired, its a brutal game, Joe has reached the ultimate goal..Same with Reed, he has rec'd his payday already, and he has the ultimate prize, if they walk off into the sunset, then so be it..


We are handcuffed til Joes deal gets done, and when it does get done, we will see familiar faces in black & purple..

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