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Browns dump PSLs


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Folks buying tickets to the Factory of Sadness have new cause to be happy.

Somewhat buried in a Monday press release announcing that the Browns won’t be increasing prices for the fifth straight year is an acknowledgement that the Browns are dropping the Personal Seat License requirement for any new season-ticket buyers at FirstEnergy Stadium.

In the past, some areas of the stadium did not have a PSL attached to the season ticket. Now, all new season tickets will be PSL-free.

“Our fans have exhibited tremendous loyalty over the years and we want to continue to reward that loyalty through affordability and by putting a team on the field of which they can be proud,” Browns CEO Joe Banner said in a release. “To maintain that affordability, it was important that we keep the status quo on ticket prices for the fifth consecutive year and also extend the sections of the stadium that do not require a PSL.”

But what about the current owners of seats that have a PSL? Those folks will continue to own the license, which can be bought and sold. And the license will continue to attach to the seat until the holder of the license stops buying season tickets (or otherwise violates the PSL agreement).

At that time, the season tickets would revert to the Browns, who under their new policy would make them available without a PSL.

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It won't be fair until they pay those fans to watch.



No, PSL's are bullshit, Indy doesnt have them and they have a stadium that is beautiful..Lets not forget the Ravens didnt pay for the ATM, WE did, buying those stupid scratchoffs (That I never won a dime on)

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