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Davis on Fire


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3 games: 3 Home runs, 11 RBI's, .667 average.

Only Frank Robinson in '66 has hit 3 homers in the first 3 games opening the season.

He has 10 homers in his last 10 regular season games.


Outstanding and fun to watch.

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LOL @ Jones....



It seems as if there is no ballpark — or landmark — big enough to contain the mighty swing of Baltimore slugger Chris Davis.

Davis extended his torrid start with a grand slam and five RBI, and the Orioles used a five-run eighth inning to beat Minnesota 9-5 Friday in their home opener.

Davis became the fourth player in major league history to homer in his first four games of the season, joining Willie Mays, Mark McGwire and Nelson Cruz. He is 9 for 15 (.600) with four homers and 16 RBI.

According to the Orioles, Davis' 16 RBI in his team's first four games breaks the old big league record of 12.

''If you put him in the Grand Canyon, he'll hit it out,'' teammate Adam Jones said.


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Just hope they keep footage of his technique right now, the ball definitely looks like a beach ball to him and he is ON IT!



I dont ask questions, all I know is yesterday I had MASN & Concast on my Direct TV, what a pleasure it was to hear Palmer, Bordick & Thorne call the game, instead of the goofballs here in Tampa.

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Davis' numbers his whole baseball career have been huge. He paced at 40 HRs a year in the minors - and hit 20+ HRs in 110 games in Texas a few years back. He just never got a lot of playing time after that and no one knows why. Last year he hits 33 HR and 270 and some people are still talking like it's a miracle. Not if you look at his projections from throughout his life.

And now he's 27? 27-30 are THE years for major league players.

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