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Browns fans planning protest


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I don't think they can pull it off...it requires intelligence and co-ordination.


Lifelong Browns fan and season-ticket holder Mike Randall, aka "Dawg Pound Mike," is encouraging other Cleveland fans to stay away from their seats for the opening kickoff of the Browns' Nov. 16 home game against Baltimore.


Sickened by the nearly constant losing since the NFL team's return in 1999, Randall hopes the sight of empty seats for the start of the nationally televised Monday night game will send a loud message to owner Randy Lerner and club officials that fans have had enough.


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LOL..Rob Ryan tells the Cleveland Fans to "show up and back this damn team"



BEREA, Ohio -- Eric Mangini has a Darth Vader mask hanging in his office. Appropriate perhaps, considering how Browns fans feel about their team these days.


Fan displeasure is running rampant in Cleveland, where a 1-6 start has the Browns headed toward their eighth losing season in 11 years since returning to the NFL. Two longtime season-ticket holders are planning a protest before Cleveland's Monday night game on Nov. 16, urging fans to stay away from their seats for the opening kickoff to send a message after so many years of losing.


At least one Browns coach is firing back.



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Tickets are paid for, money is in the bank, it is the Browns on Monday Night is anyone but Raven fans going to watching the game?


I thought ratings drove the league. After 5 prime time snoozers last year you'd think they'd stop force feeding them to America.

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