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Suggs done for the year


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Not confirmed yet.


Quinn says he was fined by NFL


Quinn threw a chop block at Suggs after an interception in the third quarter, rolling into his right knee. The Carroll County Times reported Wednesday that Suggs has a slight tear of his MCL. But his agent, Gary Wichard, fears Suggs could miss the rest of the season. Suggs was initially diagnosed with a sprained knee.


It is unfortunate for Suggs, but next man up! Maybe this will force Mattison to get more creative with bringing pressure. Time to see if Krueger and Barnes can get after the QB as well.


And I doubt Gerard will get any PT outside of special teams. Webb barely plays even though he has proven that he should start.

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Cleet, I thought the MCL was the worst of the 3..Isnt that what shorted Boulwares career.


The ACL and PCL are cruciate ligament while the MCL is a collateral ligament. Cruciate ligament require surgery whereas collateral ligaments heal on their own unless it is a complete tear or in combination with a cruciate ligament, I believe. For what it is worth, Troy Polamalu slightly tore his MCL in Week 1.

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This is why players try to get as much of a signing bonus as possible...because some sub moron can end your career or earning power in an instant.

To add 'insult to injury', Quinn only got fined #10K.

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Speaking for the first time since getting hurt, linebacker-defensive end Terrell Suggs said his sprained right knee isnt a season-ending injury.

There is no doubt in my mind that I should be back this year, Suggs said. Thats the plan. Thats where Im at with it. Im really crushed that Im going to miss my first game, he said. That [stinks]. I was trying to beat Ozzie [Newsome, who never missed a game]. It really sucks I get to miss this game where we get the opportunity to do something great.





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