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Torrey has some Anquan in him I saw again today.


Yea...I saw that and thought the same thing. He was a chain mover today...definitely clutch.


Tucker deserves a game ball too.

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Easy calls all around, Torrey for O, Suggs for D, and J Tuck for ST. Webb and Doss get honorable mentions for gritty performances. Webb got beat up a little in the first half, but he never lets it go to his head. Webb played excellent in the second half locking down Wallace. Doss is not the fastest guy, but is very elusive with the ball in his hands. He did an excellent job of tracking that deep ball by Flacco and locating it for the catch at the last moment as it dropped from the air.

Suggs, no explanation needed. He is playing the best football of his career. He is a legitimate candidate for DPOY.


Torrey is incredible. He has truly turned into a complete receiver and is a threat on every level of the field. He is making diving catches down low, going up high for balls over DBs, and his YAC ability is incredible. Torrey has stepped up big time in the absense of Boldin and Pitts. He is shaping up to have a Pro Bowl season.


I have to give props to Flacco too. He was harassed all day, but was standing tall in the pocket making very difficult throws. For as much as he was rushed (officially hit six times), he only took two sacks. Not many QBs in the league can do what he did yesterday. By the way, here is why ESPN's QBR stat is so great. Flacco only had a normal QB rating of 73.6, but his QBR was 79.5 (out of 100, which is a good game). Tannehill on the other hand had a QB rating of 86.1 but a QBR of 39.7 (50 is average). This stat accurately reflects that Flacco made a lot of tough plays, was not faulted for the poor offensive line play, and ultimately won us the game.

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Well said Cleetz...and kudos to Webb. He had a rough first half, but I never get worried about him. I got pi$$ed when Smith messed up his coverage on that end of the half TD, but I'm slowly feeling better about him. The guy hasn't been a full time starter yet, so he's still working to his own.

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