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Breast Cancer Awareness


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Alright so I saw a guy in Facebook getting chewed out because he said the NFL is overdoing it with the pink stuff. I defended him saying why doesn't the NFL have a blue thing for prostate cancer awareness. I got chewed out for not be being sensitive. I have an Aunt that's a breast cancer survivor so to say I didn't have a dog in this fight was wrong. I have/had two cousins(one died) who has Cystic Fibrosis and the only person I know in the NFL who does any CF awareness is Boomer and that's because his son has it.


So do you think the NFL is being over the top with Breast Cancer awareness?


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One whole month on this is too much.

One well done week to raise awareness and funds is perfect. That leaves time for other causes.


I'd like doing a different cause each week. For example one week a year is the food drive. It feels good for me to go to a game and be able to contribute in some way to helping those in need.


I heard 40% of the fans are women. Excuse me for thinking the NFL ha$ other motives. My opinion on the integrity of this league has been taking a hit the last 5 years.

I believe that they capitalize on patriotism. Nevertheless it's important to me to take a moment to hear the Star Spangled Banner. I grew up with it and honor not only our military past and present, but our Nation as a whole.


If prostrate cancer ever becomes important, they will capitalize on that.


I must say this to be fair: Congratulations to the teams like the Ravens and their coaches and players who selflessly give so much to the community. They are powers of example. Pure, selfless service. It is inspiring. There are a lot of excellent people in the NFL.

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However, citing data obtained from the NFL, Darren Rovell of ESPN tweeted: "On pink gear, the NFL says it takes a 25% royalty from the wholesale price (1/2 retail), donates 90% of royalty to American Cancer Society."

At Business Insider, Cork Gaines wrote: "In other words, for every $100 in pink merchandise sold, $12.50 goes to the NFL. Of that, $11.25 goes to the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the NFL keeps the rest." Gaines added: "The remaining money is then divided up by the company that makes the merchandise (37.5%) and the company that sells the merchandise (50.0%), which is often the NFL and the individual teams."

Most pink NFL merchandise is sold through the NFL's online store, making the NFL the company which sells the merchandise and thus receives 50% of the money received.



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