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Snowing in Catonsville


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Green Bay weather hits Baltimore

It may be an omen of good portent that this morning's snowfall covered the Ravens' practice field for their final session before leaving for Green Bay on Sunday. By the time the players took the field today, there was at least a two-inch ground cover, and the team had to clear portions of the field with a plow.


As a side note, as many as five players practiced in short sleeves. Not surprisingly, they were all offensive linemen: Matt Birk, Marshal Yanda, David Hale and practice squaders Bryan Mattison and Joe Reitz. Not one defensive player worked in short sleeves.


Large snowflakes continued to fall through the early afternoon workout. Players were especially jovial in the portion of practice the media is allowed to watch.


The big difference in Green Bay, of course, will be the temperature. It's already snowing there, but the temp will be a lot colder. By one account, there was a wind chill factor of 5 today.


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It's -6 here and about half a foot of snow in Minneapolis. My boss called me and asked why I wasen't work yet, I told him the busses were breaking down and my one buss came half an hour late (all while I was outside waiting for it). he just told me leave earlier or walk (about a mile and a half)

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