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No Rasta/Gerinimo Posts


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Of course they aren't posting Flacco played a great game nothing to post about. It's not like they could come on here and say he played a great game.


Unless of course which we witnessed last year on the ESPN boards he leads us to another SB in which case they will be swinging from his **** again all giddy and sh*t. Lol

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I am not surprised and wow that place must have sucked at the end.


It really was Rasta and Gerinimo (aka Maximillian on ESPN) were horrible, I had them pegged as one person, but was informed by some knowledgeble mod that they were not the same.


Their view was if Joe didnt throw Manning numbers up every week, then bring in Tyrod Taylor..

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WOW, i see you people actually believe the lies you spew, i see why you can tell lies with a straight face. Flacco didn't play a great game he played a good game. if what he did on thanksgiving is what we're calling great now, then we are really setting the bar low for Joe. We won so nothing to complain about this week

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