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Monroe, KO, Zutah, Yanda, Wagner


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Are you comfortable with that?


They seem high on Wagner at the moment. We'll see once they practice in pads and the hitting starts. He'll have Suggs and Dummerville working him over every day. If he can handle that, then I'd say "they're good to go".



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Yea...well JO spoiled us. Remember, Monroe had an in injured KO next to him and then a bunch of slappies so he had to chip for them. With KO healthy, I think that side of the line will be tight....and KO might be able to help Zutah more.


The issue I see is chemistry....playing as a unit...instinctively.

I don't see that happening in 1 year.

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About mid season they should be pretty well on the same page.


I hope so.

I think they'll be fine in Kubiaks system.

I hope Wagner can road grade. If he can, and he did it at Wisconson on a road grading offense, then they will be very good.

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Well, I'm certainly pulling for Wagner. Wisconsin offensive linemen are supposed to have a good record of being successful. He's the right size.


But like you said, Max, I want to see him in action before I anoint him.

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