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Snyder Speaks with Forked Tongue

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You will need your ER posters manual p.692 to decode Dan's statement...




Redskins owner Dan Snyder to the list. Snyder issued a statement through the Redskins on Saturday morning stating the organziation "strongly endorses" Goodell......

"Roger Goodell has always had the best interests of football at heart, both on and off the field. We are fortunate to have him as our Commissioner," Snyder said. "The entire Washington Redskins organization strongly endorses his efforts to eradicate domestic abuse and the independent investigation into the Ray Rice assault."


Decoded....secret message says.....

"Now that we publicly endorsed your ass, please stay off ours....wink wink."



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We know the players, by majority want him gone. By default, the union as well. Now that the new drug policy was backed out of the NFL, after the NFl sent it to the union for a vote and it was approved by the players, me thinks the union and players have tobe realy ticked off with him. Two players still playing who did far worse to a woman and Rice did, the league's golden boy, AP, now arrested for what will likely be a plea deal with probation, how long will the NFl drag this out?


He has admitted he did that to his son and while it was a spanking gone too far, it leaves a black eye, the NFl is running out of eyes to blacken, though blackened crapie is pretty good with a Biscut, they have to suspend him right? Or will they simply fine him? If they suspend him, will the union fight for him? This season is going to be "fun" for the league.

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I have to ask that sleazebucket sad excuse of a high school classmate, who asked during the Ravens Super Bowl celebrations "What is it about Ravens and stabbings?" Think I'll ask her "What is it all about Redskins and losing?" She accuses most Ravens fans are ex Redskin fans, while she roots for the O's and jumps on the Squeelers bandwagon because of her husband.. I accuse most Nationals fans are ex Os fans who were brainwashed by a former Deadskin owner Edward Bennett Williams into becoming fans of the team, by marketing them in DC with a Clubhouse store and local radio and TV deals. Back then it was only Phil Wood and Washington Senators fan club President Pat Malone who were for getting their own team.

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Ray Halbritter, Oneida Indian Nation Representative and the leader of the Change the Mascot campaign, which works to educate the public on the damaging nature of the "redskin" moniker, issued a statement in response to Allen.

"If something happening decades ago was reason alone to continue doing it, then America would still have Jim Crow laws and Confederate flags would still be flying on top of state capitol buildings. Bruce Allen's comments perfectly illustrate why the NFL has a crisis on its hands: at a time when America is demanding an end to outdated symbols of bigotry, one of the league's teams insists on continuing to promote, market and profit off an offensive and racist symbol.

"The NFL must take action against an owner and his team, which have clearly lost control of themselves to the point where they are going to court to try to continue slurring people of color."http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/13220885/federal-judge-upholds-washington-redskins-trademark-ruling



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