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Pa Couple might have picture of Natalie Hollaways body


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Patti Muldowney was busy snapping pictures of colorful fish during her snorkeling dive off the coast of Aruba last fall. She didn't notice what else was on the sea floor.


"We only discovered it after we got the film developed," the 62-year-old Rapho Township, Lancaster County, woman said.


Flipping through the prints in December, the Muldowneys realized Patti had photographed more than just underwater scenery.


One picture appears to show a human skeleton.


"You can see a fish. You can see some rocks. And then you can see this body lying on its back, facing up," said her husband, John Muldowney.


They showed friends. They showed the local police.


All agreed: It looks like human bones.


"I showed my doctor," John Muldowney said. "He said it looks like it's weighted down with some rocks." Skeleton. Aruba. Could it be? The Muldowneys wonder.












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She's a fruitcake.

I hate that B*tch. She refuses to accept anyone opinion other than her own. And when someone gets the best of her in a logical arguement, which is like every night, she just calls them stupid liars. Terrible programming.


BTW, theres probably a hundred bodies in the water off the coast of aruba. That is a big snowflake eel in the photograph. I have that same eel in my fish tank but not as long.

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