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tough decision here


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Ravens have 5 national TV games, play the Fish & Jags so those games will be on local tv, and I'm betting week 1 @ Denver will be a Fox game shown here.


So that's 8 games I'll get, now 275+ for the NFL Ticket, I'm honestly thinking of not getting it for this season.


Not sure if I should roll the dice with the other 8 games and find them on the internet. We do have a patch cord for the Kindle HD that allows to pick a movie plug the cord into the TV and watch it on the big screen.

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This is just me...if there is any doubt that I'll be sitting home of a Sunday and won't be able to watch the Ravens then I'm paying whatever I have to pay to avoid the "weeping and gnashing of teeth." :yeah:



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Like I said it's a tough call, the sports bar down the road is a browns bar, I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate me. And I'm sure a game or two will be flexed in December.

Crave- isn't there a sports bar down there that has enough TV's and shows EVERY game live?

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