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Roster cuts, when they are announced.... take your guesses


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Jamison took his guess earlier this week- http://espn.go.com/blog/baltimore-ravens/post/_/id/21199/baltimore-ravens-end-of-camp-53-man-roster-projection



I think it was pretty obvious what the roster would look like, with only a few question marks; how many and which receivers, how many and which corners, who the bleep will be the return men.....


After last nights game, it was clear for all those questions, but the answers are not exactly great news...


Jamison has them keeping 6 receivers with Butler and Carter heading to the PS, Robinson, Nelson, D Brown and Steelman cut.


Frankly Butler has been a big disappointment, he simply can't get open, does not run his routes properly and forget breaking tackles or making people miss should he catch one.....


I will be a bit surprised if they keep Waller on the roster, especially after yesterday's game playing with the first unit. He showed just how raw he is, how far he has to go....


This position on the team is very, very scary. None of them aside from Smith seems to get seperation, or are able to get off the jam, still....


Runningback, he thinks Tousaints will go to the PS, with Magee sticking on the roster while Tali heals...



Only 8 on the line, yes, he thinks Reid sticks again, like a bad odor after Max is done in the bathroom......


Lewis-Moore and Bilukidi I have to agree with him here. Lewis-Moore I was hoping would reach his potential this year, but this far, nope....



5 corners is risky if they stick with that, but what choice do they have; after two of them, the rest stink and you need to keep players at other positions....


Asa seems to be their choice for returning kicks & punts, ouch. He scares me and yes, I know, he had a good return in the game that resulted in no points, but that is another thread..........

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8 more to go..........




The Ravens’ cuts are:
•G Leon Brown (Alabama)
•WR DeAndre Carter (Sacramento State)
•CB Tramain Jacobs (Texas A&M)
•G/T Marcel Jones (Nebraska)
•P Justin Manton (Louisiana Monroe)
•WR Aldrick Robinson (Southern Methodist)
•LS Patrick Scales (Utah State)
•WR Trent Steelman (Army)http://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/article-1/DeAndre-Carter-Among-First-Eight-Ravens-Cut/7ef7f88b-641a-4dce-a924-9c8bfe2dc10c
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Carter was the big name cut.


There was a lot of raves about him early in camp and guys here thought he'd make the

team and Waller would get the practice squad.


Yeah and then I saw him in a couple of games and he couldn't catch a kick off let alone a Pass!

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Final cuts in, though I highly doubt the final moves have been made.... Sorry to see Dino Nuggets, Deangelo Tyson, McGee and Toussaint go. I am almost certain they bring one or more of them back at some point.





The Ravens released the following players Saturday:

- CB Asa Jackson

- OL Jah Reid

- WR Jeremy Butler

- OG Robert Myersicon-article-link.gif

- CB Cassius Vaughn

- OLB Brennen Beyer

- OG Kaleb Johnson

- RB Terrence Magee

- RB Fitzgerald Toussaint

- FB Kiero Small

- TE Konrad Reuland

- QB Bryn Renner

- S Nick Perry

- DE DeAngelo Tyson (waived-injured)

- DT Micajah Reynolds (waived-injured)

The team also placed undrafted rookie outside linebacker Zach Thompsonicon-article-link.gif on injured reserve.

The moves were on top of the five cuts the Ravens made yesterday, along with trading reserve center Nick Eastonicon-article-link.gif for an undisclosed draft pick to the San Francisco 49ers Saturday afternoon.


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