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Nice Game Tyrod Taylor


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14 for 19 for 195, a TD and 128.3 QB rating. Ran 9 times for 41 yards.


Rex is putting something good together there. Really, the Colts were never in the game and didn't score until the end of the 3rd quarter.


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Well he may have learned from Joe F over in the QB. As Tyrod Taylor may have really learned from Joe while backing #5 up.



He is playing very well, consistantly so far. His accuracy is fabulous, which was one of his issues. The other was reading defenses. I have yet to see a game of the Bills, but it appears he has conqured that issue as well.

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Happy to see Tyrod doing well. I know he was an extremely hard worker and was well liked by his teammates. We never heard a peep from him as our backup QB and I'm sure he gave us great looks in practice.


The guy made our team as a sixth round pick four years straight. How many sixth round picks could say that? Much less as a second string QB. We could have easily signed a vet backup and cut Tyrod but didn't. IMO that says a lot about how highly our coaches thought of Tyrod.

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