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If you were not aware....


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The Ravens are very much in the Hunt....




If the season ended today, the New York Jets would claim one of the AFC’s two wild-card spots with a 3-1 record. But no other wild-card contender (i.e., non-division leader) has a winning record. Four teams are 2-2, and the Ravens are one of five teams at 1-3.

It’s a big mess, but bottom line, the Ravens are just one game out in the race for the AFC’s second wild card berth. http://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/article-1/Eisenberg-Ozzie-Newsome-Walking-A-Fine-Line/6b6be148-1663-45ce-9919-4b4dd8660e8d



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And now, as more is revealed, we have become a more aware, enlightened fan base....






Mike Preston, columnist: All the hope is about gone now. If the Ravens had beat Cleveland, there was a chance they could go to San Francisco next Sunday, beat the 49ers and climb back to .500, but not anymore. The injuries are mounting and so are the penalties, which are signs of a team falling apart. They can't win at home. It ain't over 'til it's over, but the late Yogi Berra never saw this Ravens team play.

Jeff Zrebiec, reporter: Even the things that you used to be able to count on with the Ravens are now gone. They can't finish games. They can't stop journeymen quarterbacks. They can't win at home. Heck, they can't even beat the Browns anymore. At this point, even the most optimistic Ravens' fan can't possibly think this is a playoff-caliber team. They are flawed in every way and injuries have thinned out their talent level considerably. The coaches have had no answers either. The players said all the right things about responding to the challenge, but those are just words at this point. The Ravens haven't been able to back it up on the field and it's tough to see that changing any time soon.http://www.carrollcountytimes.com/bal-instant-analysis-ravens-cleveland-browns-20151011-story.html

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Yup! Put a fork in them; they're done.


Should we start discussing next year's draft. In April. It's only 6 months away. :cryin:


Not me.

Not until the season is over.


All we have to watch for now "Is there any life in this team?"

Is there something they can build on?

Will we see some good football this year?


And...what will the coaches do?

They have a team that is falling apart.

Can they make this group better?

Can they finish this season on a winning streak and carry that into next year?


Let's just start with can they win the field position battle.

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