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Well Deserved Round of Applause for Ryan Mallett.


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:bow: :gorave: :bow:


Only here 2 weeks and he has a career game!

That 2nd and 22 pass to Givens in the 4th quarter was a dagger and thing of beauty. The perfect pass.

So what if he was a loser?

Weren't we all at one time very long ago beyond human memory?!



He moved the chains and most importantly, he stopped the string of pick 6's and costly interceptions.

Maybe....this is a big maybe.....maybe he's finally got his shit together.

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I hope so. We'll see how he does against the Bengals defense next week. If he comes through, we won't have to worry about drafting a qb this year and that frees us up to concentrate on guys who can start right away.


I think they are good with him now.

He threw very well not knowing his team mates.


Give the O line credit. They gave him the time. Unsung Heros.

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Ravens sweep.


Ravens sweep.





We have our backup QB - for now and I've been saying that about the o-line and the

great job Castillo has been doing coaching Urshel up to take over Center for Zuttah

both last year and this year. He was drafted as a guard but on draft day DeCosta said

Urshel will be the Ravens center.


Then Castillo moves Ryan to LG after he moved KO to LT w/o missing a beat. Ryan

started out on the practice squad last year after learning he had sleep apnea which is controllable

with eight weight program. He was drafted with a broken foot but Ravens were patient with him

and developed him.

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Mallett was 13-of-16 for 96 yards and a touchdown on third downs Sunday, which is tied for the most third-down completions by any quarterback in a game the past three seasons, according to ESPN Stats & Information research. After the Steelers closed to within 13-10, Mallett zipped passes of 39 and 34 yards on his first drive of the fourth quarter to set up Baltimore's second touchdown.http://espn.go.com/blog/baltimore-ravens/post/_/id/24801/ryan-mallett-rewards-faith-in-unlikeliest-ravens-victory-of-season


I'm telling you....he's got a good arm.

Give him time with his receivers and the playbook....and if he really does have a renewed passion for football and....if he keeps his shit straight....

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We saw the bad Mallet at the end of the first half and in the middle of the 2nd half, as the announcers said, poor UUUUU! But he made two big throws that made the win possible one to UUUUUUUUU, the other to Givens....


He will be an expensive back up next year, if he wants to stay.... But, who cares, the Stillers were swept, and maybe knocked out of the playoffs.... great Christmas present.... :yeah: :gorave:

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