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Ravens 1 of 4 teams looking at Weddel


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Yes, he is 31, but he is a ball hawk who knows how to play safety. A poaition this team needs badly and has missed on in the draft since Will Demps (that was for you Dee 😜) ... He cod be a stop gap.


Currently, he is looking over school systems in the areas of the four teams-Raiders, Cowboys, Steelers the other three.


Pending the age of his kids, I would say if it came down to schools and areas, the Ravens have the edge. With the practice facility and HQ being in OwingsMills, the school systems and area are very, very good. Some of the best in the nation, the best if he has a special needs child.


He covers well, hits hard and still has the quickness to blitz. I think he would be a good fit here.



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Every time I watch Weddle play I come away wishing he was on our team. He plays football like the Ravens did in the Ray Lewis/Marvin Lewis/Rex Ryan era. (It's a shame I can't just say he plays Raven football, but I digress)


Slight concern about injuries....I know he missed some time last year and his body could be on the decline. He plays a punishing style of football for a little guy.

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