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Week 10 vs. Cleveland Browns


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  • 2 months later...

That game was horrid. Honestly McNown I think is the reason why the Ravens won. Once he was there the offense was awful and the team seemed like it just didn't care. The picks by Joe were mind numbingly bad.

Give some credit where it's due, 2nd half we ran the ball down the Browns throat, that drive in the 4th quarter was absolutely a thing of beauty, I think we ran off 7 minutes off the clock capped with the TD to Perriman. Defense was huge, Suggs is lights out, Joe Thomas held him numerous times that went uncalled.


Joe finished the day 30 of 41 for 296 yards 3 TDs, 2 picks..1st pick was on SSS, if he can't get to it, then dont push the defender towards the flight of the ball..2nd pick was all on Joe, that was fully and it took points off the board for us.

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