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Great or small, realistic or unrealistic, this is the time of year when fans know the least about the teams they follow and expect the most.


I'd say that, in general, Ravens fans expectations are very high. Past experience tells me to get ready for the roller coaster ride of the 2010 NFL season.


I read Eisenbergs article and thought it was a good one to sober us up some before we take off.


The good news is this time there's no disconnect between local and national views of the team. ESPN The Magazine is picking the Ravens to beat the Packers in the Super Bowl. Monday Night Football's Ron Jaworski has them beating the Cowboys in the big game. Two preseason publications picked them to go all the way.


But while the Ravens wouldn't have it any other way, they know great expectations make their lives more difficult. It's tough when everything you do is measured against a tall yardstick. Victories are welcomed but largely taken for granted, and sometimes, even they aren't enough. You can get criticized if you don't win the right way, i.e., by enough touchdowns over Cleveland.




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my expectations were a lot higher 2 months ago. Back when we thought our first two draft picks would be side by side opening day getting in the backfield. Back when Chris Carr wasnt our starting corner, back when I thought stallworth was going to run that bum mark clayton out of town. Back when I thought gaither would anchor the best line in football. This shit sucks.

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I dont even care about the division title. We always advance further when we r wild cards anyway. Let cinci brag about the division while they lose the first game every year


I know our PO record, still beating teams like Indy, Steelers and Pats should be so much better at home.

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