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John Ross wr Washington


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If you get a chance, turn the Bama vs Washington game. Oh sure, Bama should roll, but keep an eye on Junior wode out John Ross. IF he comes out this year, he will go in the first round. Early eastimates have him running a 4.1 forty....


He is a polished receiver, not even the Ravens could mess him up.


Great technician whwn it comes to route running. Along with the real speed he has the jitters, quicks, he breaks anckles of would be tacklers. He has great hands and yes, he catches with them, and makes the acrobatic catch look easy.


5'-10", 175 pds, perfect in the slot, he is tough, also plays outside and with his quickness, he gets off the jam.


Now, Browning might not get a lot of time to throw, but Ross would be a great pick in the late teen range for the Ravens.

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Neither did RG3 when he got to the NFL.

Oh please, apples to oranges.



This kid is ready made, he already knows how to, and does extremely well, run every route in the tree. Great hands, not affraid to go over the middle, has the quickness to play in the slot, the speed to play on the outside.


Yes, if he is there at 16 you take him. This draft is deep at secondary players, 3 rounds deep.


There is not one inside nor outside backer worthy of picking at 16 and no offensive lineman worth a first round pick.


This kid is a real game changer and if Perriman ever reaches his potential, that would be a sick receiving crew.


As it is, Ross is likely to go in picks 10-15.

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I am not sure what you call always injured, he blew a knee out, ok. He came back perfectly healthy from it. He even played corner for a few games, one pick, two pass break ups.


He returned punts & kicks along with playing in the slot and outside and played half of his last season with a shoulder injury and played very well.


To me, that is toughness, unlike the slot guy the Ravens over drafted a few years ago , Camp, who is literally always injured to the point he can't play or practice.


There is a big difference there...

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There is no more risk with him at 16 than any other player who got hurt once or twice. As I said, Camp was always hurt in college, missed almost more games than he played every year, not Ross.


I agree, the biggest risk is the way the Ravens struggle to develop wide outs no matter where they draft them.


With that said, he is a polished receiver, has been working out with, for many years, pro players to hone his craft.


I doubt they take him or any wide at 16 though. I am more inclined to think they trade back, given their recent free agent moves.

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So you are equating a 1st round #16 pick to a seventh round when it comes to risk?

Not at all. Ross had an acl and a meniscus, yet returned to play in each of the following seasons, playing in every game and, playing exceptionally well.


Camp miased games in every season with nagging, gnit-picking injuries. He showed a history of missing games each season, to most scouts, indication a lack of toughness, thus his fall all but out of the draft.


Ross has shown none of that, proof in his toughness, if you will, in that he played the receiver and punt return positions with a torn labrum and never missed a beat.


Knees, once repaired, once shown to be healthy, as in Ross's case, are rarely a problem moving forward, unlike hamstrings, or high anckle sprains or turf toe, which always have reoccurring issues.


Yes, I would take Ross at 16, for all the reasons I have stated in this thread plus a few more...

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