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Baltimore Ravens: 3 things we don’t want to say after the 2017 season

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Since the 2014 season, things haven’t been looking up. The purple and black went 13-19 in the past two seasons. After the 2015 season, injuries gave John Harbaugh and his team a built in excuse. While injuries certainly didn’t help the Ravens in 2016, it’s hard for Baltimore to hide behind excuses this offseason. The conversation this offseason has been dictated by the disappointing end to the 2016 season.

The Ravens goal is obviously to get back on top of the football world. The Super Bowl is a pretty lofty target for the purple and black. The Ravens just need to change the conversation for next offseason. Instead of talking about the potential end of the Harbaugh era, wouldn’t it be nice to be talk about potential championships? Here are three conversations we don’t want to have a year from now.

I think all 3 will be an issue after the season.

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Tucker will remain great but Joe has his shot at being the team mvp this year.
They will still need the RB but Dixon just might be the guy.
They will start having to look for Joe's replacement but he and Harbaugh will be back strong next year. This team is still rebuilding but they are getting close. Next season I see them as serious playoff contenders.The must have Joe and John is they are to be serious contenders.

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The OL is the problem with the running game. It is worse now than last yr. I don't understand how that was not brought up in that section or the one with Joe.



I guess the author for got about the terrible line play made worse by not adding to it after the losses, much like Ponzy Schemer has done....

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