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They aren't excuses, but they are thoughts that you should consider... There's no excuse for the obscene ineptitude of our offense, but there are some thoughts...


Between the Jets and Cincy, the Ravens have played two of the top 5 defenses in the league from last year, on the road, to start the season. The second on short rest.


And that's really all you need to say.


Regardless of supposedly strong offense or strong quarterback or not, both teams have formidable units that can't be overlooked. And it can't all be on Joe.


The play calling sucked (as usual). Rice would have success... then be abandoned. The passing plays were 'interesting' to say the least. I'm still not sure where all of our receivers go. They were certainly open at times and missed. But they were not open plenty of times. And I often wonder why, still to this day, on a 3rd and 8 EVERY receiver runs a 20 yard route.


Is it just Joe that struggles against a Cover 2? It can't be just Joe. Do we not have any plays to run against those schemes?

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Good post. Two tough defenses on the road in 6 days is, well, tough to handle. Flacco wasn't sharp though he looked fine on the drive that opened the 3rd quarter. Play calling was not the best. Ray Rice was getting good yards but we gave up on him. I don't know what the heck the problem is with us and the Cover-2 but Cam better get to work. I think our offense is better than it showed so far as talent is concerned. I look for a BIG day from them this Sunday and competent performances from here on out. Otherwise, it will not be a 'Super' season.

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Good points dc...I remember seasons like '99...opening day against the Rams...a sure 'W' right? Wrong! They went on to win the Super Bowl. The Rams were a very good team...nobody knew it at the time. The Bengals D was better than the Jets IMO. They were #4 last year and should be as good or better due to another year together. 7 1st round picks on that D.


Before the season started I did not think they would be 2-0 at this point.


He's my blue sky, purple shades take. Flacco hit bottom this game and we'll see a 'changed man'....start playing the music from 'Rocky'...this is where it all turns for him...this is when the lights went on...look out world!

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Good post DC. I was worried about being 0-2 at this point and I am glad we are 1-1. Oddly enough I could see us playing a lot better and still being 0-2.


I certainly think the play calling was off, Ray Rice was gettign some yards and we went away from the run. In a close game where we had the lead in the 2nd half that's baffling.


However I have a hard time looking past Joe for blame. For the third straight game Joe has looked awful versus the Bengals and since they are a divisional opponent that is hard to ignore. And in those three games I think there were plays to be made, but he didn't make them. I can understand a number of INTs in a game where a team is behind and someone has to force the ball in order to try to catch up. Four interceptions in a close game such as this is inexcusable, especially the type of interceptions they were though. I didnt think he looked good against the Jets either, and its the type of mistakes he made that bother me.


This year we have targets, and that is a good thing and a bad thing. People argued, as did I to an extent, that the reason Joe's numbers were not better last year was the lack of receiving threats. No such excuses this year, and so far the passing attack has been awful.


Oh well, 1-1 after 2 road games isn't bad.


BTW I am not happy that my opinion is what it is so far of Joe. I like him and hope he improves and is the Ravens QB for a long long time.

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Why, thats all I can say, I have a list of whys:


1. Ray Rice has success on the ground, we go away from it...Why

2. Joe opens the 3rd quarter, marches down field and we score, then proceed to go right back to our 1st half selves...Why

3. Joe under throws receivers, because he is throwing off his back foot..Why?

4. They need to cave into Gaither, Mr Oher isnt fairing so well at LT, hell nobody on the front line is fairing well in pass protection.

5. Special teams play really took the wind out of our sail, we stick it in the endzone, then proceed to give up a 60 yard return..Why?



Cinncy won the game, I give them credit, but they didnt beat the Ravens.


Im still pissed off..Why?

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