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The Ravens are last. The offense has given the ball up 7 times and the defense has one paltry fumble recovery.


That's terrible for the offense, but maybe not so bad for the D.


I'll tell you why.

The Ravens have the #1 Defense. Granted it's only 3 weeks into the season and one bad performance can send you reeling in the rankings. But for now, they are the #1 D.

#1 against the pass.


Now...the secondary is supposed to be this D's weakness but maybe...just maybe, by playing smart disciplined football and technique,...by not taking risks to make a big play, this group is quietly getting the job done.

Which is all you want.


It's just like 'Sacks' are a gaudy over-blown stat. QB pressure is more important. Getting the QB rattled...forcing quick throws, quick reads...this leads to mistakes.


Don't get me wrong...INT's are great game changing plays. Momentum turners. Field position turners. The more the better. You definately want them.


But, at this point in time, with this group of CB's and safeties, it is better that they stay home and get their initial job done.

Later, when they are doing this consistently and continue to get the job done...then they can try to take that next steps and go for the INT.


It will happen.



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There have already been some INT drops already as well. Landry had a ball from Palmer practically hit him in the numbers. There were a couple of opportunities in the other 2 games as well. Still, good disciplined football has been the order of the day so far. The D may need to start taking more risks if the O doesn't kick into gear soon but there is no need to stray from what they have been doing in the secondary at this point.

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While I agree that not getting turnovers is not a big problem - so long as you're not giving up yards - I think not getting sacks is still a problem.


We're not getting sacks OR pressure. That's a huge reason why we're not getting turnovers. It's a huge reason that the Browns trampled all over us.


I know that Haloti is still not a brilliant pass rusher, and the team and media keep saying that's why he's almost never in on 3rd and long... but do we really believe that the other players we put on the line in those situations are better pass rushers? Obviously not Pryce. McKinney? Cody (today)? Not likely any of them are better than Ngata in any facet of the game.


How are you going to know what the big man can do in a clear passing down if you don't let him show you?


Suggs is... Suggs. On your average early downs he is among the most well-rounded pass rushers in the league, creating pressure while not giving up his lanes in the run. And I respect that. But when you ask him to just plain blitz... he can't, either!

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