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Can't do anything right

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CINCINNATI -- The Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns failed to work out a trade that would have sent quarterback AJ McCarron to Cleveland for two undisclosed draft picks, sources told ESPN's Adam Schefter.

According to Schefter, the two teams appeared to agree to a deal at 3:55 p.m. ET, five minutes before the deadline, but were not able to finalize it before the deadline passed. The Bengals sent the trade information to the NFL, while the Browns did not. The Browns argued to the league that the trade should still be allowed, but the NFL declined their request, a source told Schefter.........http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21241178/cincinnati-bengals-trade-qb-aj-mccarron-cleveland-browns-falls-through



But, but, but but!!!!!!!

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This organization is beyond belief....




The Cleveland Browns’ quarterback situation is by now well-known. Owners of an 0-8 record, players at that position have combined for 17 interceptions on the season. The team also failed miserably in an attempt to trade for A.J. McCarron while also missing out on Jimmy Garoppolo prior to Tuesday’s trade deadline.

This comes after Cleveland received a second-round pick from Houston to take on Brock Osweiler’s four-year, $72 million deal, only to release him prior to the start of the season.

Now with the Broncos, Osweiler will start this upcoming week against the Philadelphia Eagles. He’ll also be paid $895,588 from the Browns for the start. This rings true for every subsequent time Osweiler starts for Denver throughout the remainder of the season. Osweiler’s contract was already known, as was Cleveland picking up said deal from Houston. Still, it’s yet another example of the Factory of Sadness coming into play....https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/browns-will-pay-osweiler-nearly-dollar900k-to-start-for-broncos/ar-AAujVoi?li=BBnb7Kz


Are there any mature adults running this franchise?



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In stunning fashion, the Browns first watched as the New England Patriots traded Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers for an offer the Browns easily could -- and should -- have topped.

The next day, the Browns agreed to a trade with the Cincinnati Bengals for backup AJ McCarron that had them sending second- and third-round picks to the Bengals. Except the trade was not submitted on time. So the deal was not approved.

That means the Browns now have traded picks that could have been Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson, did not make a trade for Garoppolo and then did make a trade for McCarron only to negate the deal by screwing up the paperwork.

To which I ask a question I've asked countless times before: Does this happen with other teams?...http://www.espn.com/blog/cleveland-browns/post/_/id/23900/an-embarrassing-two-days-for-the-cleveland-browns


They really work hard and work over time to be 0-8....

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They wasted a 4th round pick....



BEREA, Ohio -- Cleveland Browns rookie Antonio Callaway has been cited for marijuana possession, the latest drama involving one of the team's wide receivers.

Callaway was pulled over by Strongsville, Ohio, police at 2:59 a.m. on Sunday. According to a police report, Callaway failed to yield to oncoming traffic and a "small amount" of marijuana was found under his seat.

Callaway also was driving with a suspended license.

"We're aware of the citation [and] are in the process of gathering more information and will comment further at the appropriate time," the Browns said in a statement.

The Browns selected Callaway in the fourth round of this year's draft despite his troubled past at Florida. He was suspended last season for involvement in a credit card fraud case. He also tested positive for marijuana at the NFL combine in February...http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24312555/cleveland-browns-rookie-antonio-callaway-cited-marijuana-possession


Com'm mannnn......

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There is a report that he also had gun parts & amo in the car. All the talent in the world, no common sense...


But it isn't as bad as the 20 year old here in Md who went to take his driving test in a car with a few pounds of pot, a loaded hamd gun and thousands in cash.....

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