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So, you want to see how much of a difference

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An offensive coordinator can make? Look no further than Atlanta and LA, Rams that is...


See Matt Ryan's numbers? With the same talent as past years, but the results, 25 pts lower in passer rating.... Julio Jones, one of the best wide outs in the game, far below his normal numbers.


Why? Play design, play calling... Ie; coaching.


Look at the Rams, ok, they have the guy who was designing and calling plays for the Falcons the last few years, but look at the turn around on offense. Same players, save for 2 often injured never consistant in route running nor catching, wide outs... Yet they have a team rolling over defenses. Why?


Coaching, play design, play calling.


Yes, Joe makes some bad throws, bad decisions, but how often to we see recievers open? With room around them?


How many oc's has Joe been through? Yeah, 4 or 5, ask any coach, any one who knows the game that is a recipe for disaster espeically with the Bums, save for Kubes, this team has had.


Go lure Jim Bob, who knows how to design plays, use route combinations, call plays, watch this offense turn around...


Make him head coach, the highest paid if you have to, I am sure he will be better than Harbs...

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If a OC didn't matter then why would Bill Walsh invent the WCO. Keep running the wing t or wishbone.


When Harbs hires the OC there is no success. When an OC if dumped on him the offense is successful.


OK so why not go all in on Kubes? Was it rumored months ago that he was up to returning to coaching?

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