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But I’m here to argue it deserves more respect, especially in Baltimore, where the Ravens often point to injuries as having wrecked their plans during a recent run of non-playoff seasons.

With that history in mind and the start of free agency less than a month away, I’m here to argue that durability should be a prime consideration for the Ravens as they go about building their roster for 2018.

This is so important now.

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Here's the schedule.....they have to be healthy, fast and go all out for 60 minutes.




In 2018, the Ravens will play the Bengals, Browns, Steelers, Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, Buccaneers, Raiders and Saints at home. On the road, they’ll face the Bengals, Browns, Steelers, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers and Tennessee Titans.

The Steelers, Bills, Saints, Falcons, Panthers, Chiefs and Titans all went to the playoffs this past season. The Raiders underachieved, but they should be much improved under Jon Gruden. If the Broncos land an established quarterback, such as Kirk Cousins, they’ll become an expected playoff contender given the strength of their defense. The Chargers won six of their final seven games in 2017 and should have increased expectations.

Don’t let the numbers fool you. By just about every other measure aside from 2017 winning percentage, the Ravens figure to be playing a rigorous schedule in 2018.....http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/ravens-insider/bs-sp-ravens-schedule-difficult-2018-story.html
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They need playmakers badly. The team currently has only 2 receivers under contract and one is a bust. They need a backup qb because Joe isn't as durable as he was and we should be grooming of the future there. They need a center and a better RT.


I don't think they can address all these problems successfully in one off-season. If they do, I'll call Ozzie a genius again.


So, no. The status quo will not be effective.

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