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The Final Run


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The final run and last 7 seven games await us. Its a parity driven league, teams are beat up, so-called dominant teams are laying eggs, losers are upsetting winners.


Well, we've layed our eggs (Cincy, NE and Atlanta) but hopefully gotten healthy (Reed, Webb, Stallworth), had our ego bruised, and

seem ready to make a run. Its time to play with a sense of urgency, make big plays, shut down teams, put em way and go on a roll. Its our time.


This team absloutely needs to KO Carolina on Sunday and come out smoking. Right from the get go. If they do, maybe we can be that team that goes on that big time roll.


Are you with me ?


:yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

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I'm with you!


Can this team find their winning idenity over the next 2 weeks?


Build momentum going into Dec 5. I'm talking trench momentum... because that's where the Ravens will beat the Stealers and win the North.

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Looking around you have to wonder is there any team out there with a good idenity?



Not this year, this is our greatest opportunity..The wild cards will come out of the AFCN & AFCE, so if somehow we can Pay-A-Ton on the golf course in early January, our road to Dallas became that much easier.

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