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What if Joe Flacco wasn’t re-signed after Super Bowl XLVII?


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Ted Ginn is tackled at the 48-yard line and the game is over, the Baltimore Ravens are Super Bowl champions! That’s the beginning of this story. SB Nation asked us all “What if?” questions, with free reign, and there’s nothing more pivotal for the Ravens than quarterback Joe Flacco.

Before the Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII, both Joe Flacco and his agent, Joe Linta, and the Ravens front office couldn’t come to the final agreement. According to USA Today, the sides were only a single million dollars off from finalizing a contract. But that didn’t happen, Joe Flacco bet a $90 million deal on himself, tied the greatest TD/INT ratio in NFL history and won both the Lombardi Trophy and the Pete Rozell Trophy. The next contract, I imagine, became much more different with the hardware involved.

But what if Ozzie Newsome and the Baltimore Ravens didn’t sign Joe Flacco after Super Bowl XLVII?

Ozzie made up his mind before the incredible run and is confident Joe Flacco wouldn’t replicate those post-season numbers season afterward. He’s not willing to dish out a six-year/$120.6 million deal with over $50 million guaranteed. What happens?

The 2013 draft was abysmal for quarterbacks, which is where I assume the team starts. They scout heavily on E.J. Manuel, Geno Smith, Mike Glennon and Matt Barkley; they find zero solutions to the problem here. They also lacked the draft capital to really trade up, though the only quarterback in the first round was the Bills surprising everybody by selecting Manuel at 16 overall. I don’t suspect Ozzie or Eric DeCosta reaching in the NFL Draft, even with Joe Flacco not becoming a Raven.

Free agency is another option for the Ravens in 2013, but mercy it’s not pretty.

  1. Brian Hoyer
  2. Luke McCown
  3. Tyler Thigpen
  4. Jason Campbell
  5. Josh McCown
  6. Drew Stanton
  7. Brady Quinn
  8. Matt Moore
  9. Chase Daniel
  10. Rex Grossman

These are the top ten names of the twenty quarterbacks who were unrestricted free agents, and none of them were worth half of Joe’s deal.

They are starting to ask the questions now. They are just not progressing along to the inevitable place the questions should go.

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After the Trent debacle, the fan base would have revolted had they not signed Joe.


Tyrod would always be a year away from improving, a promise that would never come true. They would have wasted 10 years at least, in trying to find a qb.


Joe is a pocket passer, who yes needs some decent receivers.


The team, the front office let him down & not because of his salary cap, rather because of poor draft choices & free agent signings aalong the offensive line and at receiver.


Go back to the draft the year before they won the Super Bowl until now, see how many duds they drafted, how many barely decent players they drafted; not a lot of starters, none that would start and last, on another team at those positions.

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So now you put it off and now the fans have revolted anyways. The team has been mediocre for a while now and it looks like it will for sometime to be so it is going to take a while to get them back.

Why would it take 10 yrs to find a new QB. There have been several in the last 5 yrs who have been drafted and been great. Also Taylor at this point it better than Joe. He was the yr after he left.

Joe's cap number has been more of a hindrance than anything else.

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Yeah, Tyrod did so well in Buffalo, which had better receivers than this team has had..


10 years because they would have given him 5 years, only to fail, then another 5 for any rookie they brought in and there is no guarantee they draft any of the rookies who have turned out very good since 2012...


10 years...

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The Bills drafted and devoped wide outs, they signed a few amd a few o linemen via fa, but to good deals, nothing outlandish..


There is no way of saying the Ravens would have done the same even with a small cap number for Taylor; they usually sign bad deals as we have seen and still see, especially on the offensive line.


So big deal, the Ravens make, maybe 1 playoff appearence with Taylor but no way their record is much better nor would they win another ring with Taylor at qb.

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Nope, but I don't care about the soap opera shit. They've built a product that is trying to appeal to everyone and like most things in life, you can't make everyone happy...

We live in a culture of negativity.

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