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The Bandwagon just pulled up

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Yeah Yeah :gorave:


Ranking most likely new NFL playoff teams, and who each would replace




How they fared in 2017: 9-7. Baltimore was stunned on the final day of the regular season, losing its playoff spot after Cincinnati scored on a 49-yard touchdown pass with less than a minute remaining to win.

FPI rank headed into 2018: 15

Why there's optimism: The biggest reason for optimism is the health of Joe Flacco and his revamped wide receiver group. Flacco had his best offseason in recent memory, and many believe it's the result of him not having to deal with knee and back injuries. The last time Flacco was this healthy was 2014, which was also the last time Baltimore reached the postseason. Another factor is the Ravens' overhaul of Flacco's targets. Baltimore upgraded by adding Michael Crabtree, John Brown and Willie Snead. This offseason, Crabtree has looked like a No. 1 receiver, Brown has repeatedly made big plays downfield and Snead has consistently gotten open over the middle. The Ravens are looking to avoid missing the playoffs for a fourth straight year, which hasn't happened since the franchise's first four years of existence (1996-1999). -- Jamison Hensley....http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/23802011/2018-nfl-ranking-most-likely-new-playoff-teams-replacements


Hurst and Andrews....going to be huge. Joe loves the TE's.

Collins....decent O line....not too shabby when you throw in the D and Special teams.

The can make some noise.


Anybody else think this could be one of Joe's best seasons?

I mean a Flacco best season....not like an Aron Rodgers type of season.

Joe doing what he does best and more often.


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That smoked you out of your hole fast.






8:43 PM - Aug 5, 2017 · StubHub Center
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No Joe Flacco right now. Timetable for return: Unknown. No one is (publicly) freaking out yet, but if Ryan Mallett's at the helm in the regular season, you might not be able to slip a credit card under Breshad Perriman's ascension. The addition of Jeremy Maclin won't mean diddly-poo unless Mallett improves -- or, as a colleague put it, "If he gets his head out of the clouds." While Mallett's attitude in Houston raised questions during a nationally televised game versus the Colts a couple seasons back, there are few questions regarding his raw talent.....http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000827108/article/nfl-preseason-power-rankings-concerns-for-cowboys-ravens







21. Baltimore Ravens
2016 record: 8-8
Post-draft ranking: No. 16

Quarterback Joe Flacco's injury has put the Ravens in a tough spot this preseason. In the regular season, he has started all but six games since entering the NFL in 2008, and the Ravens are 2-4 when he doesn't start....http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/page/NFLpowerrankingsx170815/2017-preseason-nfl-power-rankings-new-england-patriots-atlanta-falcons-seattle-seahawks-front

That should be enough about being picked to make the Super Bowl.


I'm not talking about them being in this years Super Bowl.

Simply noting that the Bandwagon is beginning to take on passengers for a possible playoff berth.

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Picked for POs






Sharpe predicts that the Ravens will be the team to represent in the AFC in Super Bowl 52. Sharpe’s argument for the Ravens is that he believes quarterback Joe Flacco will be much better now that he is two years removed from his knee surgery. Sharpe also “loves” the moves the Ravens have made this offseason. He specifically noted the additions of Jeremy Maclin and Danny Woodhead as excellent moves.

Yep I knew it had been done.

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Joe may indeed have his best season ever depending on injuries to him and his new targets.


What I foresee at this time is more exciting play but a 7-9 record as that schedule is stacked with really good teams.


If they're exciting to watch, I can live with that for this season.


Really looking forward to the pre-season to see what Griffin and Jackson bring to the table. And Crabtree, Snead, and the others.

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