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Metrodome Roof Collapses


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The Metrodome roof collapsed under the weight of the snow. It does not appear that anyone was hurt, but the game has between the Vikes and Giants is in doubt. It's been pushed back at least until Monday, but the dome won't be ready by then so I'm not sure where they plan to play. As of this morning the Giants were still stuck in KC anyway. Kind of ironic this happens on a weekend we play the Texans at Reliant stadium.


And I wonder what this will do to Fantasy Football?

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I never trusted the roofs in domed stadiums...I'm sure they meet all engineering standards and there are a lot of domed stadiums but to sit under all that weight creeps me out.

This stadium has been obsolete for years and maybe now they will get rid of it. This is the 4th or 5th time it's collapsed.

Then again...it could be an Act of God to makie sure Favre keeps his streak alive.

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Yeah I'm here in Minnesota.. that snow was crazy! I got stuck downtown when the buses got canceled and had to walk 22 blocks after it dropped below 0. Said it was the worse snow storm since 87. Third time the metro domes room collapsed.

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