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34th horse dies at Santa Anita

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When is enough enough? Crav, this is your wheel house, the "experts" claim to have no clue as to the injuries; but clearly this track needs to be shut down.. 34 horses in less than a year


A 3-year-old gelding was fatally injured in the fifth race at Santa Anita on Saturday, becoming the 34th horse to die at the track since December.


According to a statement from track owner The Stronach Group, jockey Ruben Fuentes pulled up Satchel Paige at the three-eighths pole of the 6 1/2-furlong sprint. Track veterinarian Dr. Dana Stead saw that the gelding had sustained an open fracture of his left front ankle and decided to euthanize him.


Fuentes wasn't injured in the $50,000 race featuring horses that had yet to win.


Dr. Dionne Benson, chief vet for The Stronach Group, said the gelding will undergo a required necropsy at UC Davis. She said the accident and necropsy report will be reviewed "to learn what, if anything, could have been to prevent the accident."


Benson said Santa Anita will work with the California Horse Racing Board to investigate the accident.


Trained by Phil D'Amato, Satchel Paige was winless in six career starts, with one second and one third-place finish. He had career earnings of $24,002.


He was bred and owned by retired luxury car dealer Nick Alexander, chairman of the Thoroughbred Owners of California, which represents the collective interests of owners in the state and works to preserve the sport's long-term viability.


Santa Anita is set to host the Breeders' Cup world championships for a record 10th time on Nov. 1-2.




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One of my sons refuses to watch horse racing due to this. I know of others who won't watch it anymore.

34 is too way, way too many.

I love horse racing but I don't want to have all these deaths.

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They need to shut down Santa Anita race track. That will solve the negativity the sport is getting. Or relocate the track. It's a bad designed track. Half is in the shade half has full sun. Those variables are what is causing the fractures in the horses. There is a 10 to 15 ground temperature difference on the track and the track that is exposed to the sun is rock hard, and that's where the problem arrises. The horses go from comfortable ground to cement surface at 30 mph, it jolts their legs and joints.



I'm real nervous for saturday. It's the breeders cup a full day of racing on national tv. This could be a real black eye for horse racing if one of the horses breaks down in fro n of a national broadcast.

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Well the black eye continues. Of all races The 6 million dollar classic. Mongolian Groom he was running 3rd and (they say he took a bad step) severely fractured his hind leg. NBC did not show it. They reported he was vanned away..Mongolian Groom was euthanized back at the barn.


Something has to be done with Santa Anita. This is 30 horses in 11 months. Why Stonrach group won't open their eyes is beyond me. Seems to me their greed is taking over any safety first issues.

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I was just reading about it & about to post.

It was the 37th death associated with the famed race track in the past 11 months.
"The death of Mongolian Groom is a loss to the entire horse racing community," race organizers said in the statement. "Our equine and human athletes' safety is the Breeders' Cup's top priority. We have worked closely with Santa Anita leading up to the World Championships to promote enhanced equine safety."
It is unclear how Mongolian Groom was injured. The news release said a world-renowned veterinarian, Dr. Larry Bramlage, will lead an investigation into the injury suffered by the 4-year-old gelding.
How can they not know? How is there not enough outrage to shut this track down?



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I heard their vet the other day try to proclaim the track safe because the rate of the horses being put down at the track had gone down.... And the reporter let her get away with that crap. No wonder they will not close that track... Sickening


On a side note, 2 horses were put down here at a track this weekend, considered the safest in the nation.

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2 more horses have died this week, at the Del-Mar track, 4 since Nov 6th. Now were I a conspiracy nut, I would say this was purposely a done to detract from that horrible Santa Rosa track.


As I said in my other post, Del -Mar is suppose to be the safest track....hmmm

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Hundreds of horses die each year in horse racing, almost 500 in the US in 2018. Many others get injured. When it goes well it's still a "sport" where someone whips a horse to make it go faster.

Garbage "sport" run by corrupt garbage people. 

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A report just came out stating that 21 of the 22 horses killed as a result of injury sustained at the track had pre-existing conditions known to the equestrians though they "did not grasp the significance of major pre-existing lessions".

Then they should be fired, really, they didn't think a bone lesssion would lead to a break? Give me a freaking break....




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