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In 2 months the Ravens are scheduled to have their 1st preseason game against the Bills on 8/14.

I don't know about you but I'm watching the daily Covid cases go down each week in hope that things will be clear for football and most importantly everyones health and welfare.

Harbaugh says there's no way the all the safety regulations can be met but they will do their best.

Bischiotti has come out very strong in support of the players and their commitment to Black Lives Matter.


"To say 'stick to sports' is the worst possible thing that you can feel and say," Bisciotti said. "If my players, both white and black, don't speak out about this injustice to their communities, then they're sellouts or hypocrites. If I don't defend my players, then I'm the worst kind of hypocrite............https://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/steve-bisciotti-ravens-are-hurting-won-t-stick-to-sports

He will be giving a 5 minute statement on this today.

If the season happens, this will be a very different season from what we are used to. It will be historic. The players are strong role models and the NFL is one of the biggest podiums in the media. If this season plays out, along with the weekly focus on Black Lives Matter, then we can all be a part of an incredible and most needed movement of change in America and hopefully a shift to a higher consciousness.

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It'll be all that for sure. Major change is underway and the interesting thing is that change is coming from the bottom up. Our political 'leaders' have been co-opted because nothing has changed as a result of political will for several decades now.

Hang on...the ride might be bumpy at times but it will be thrilling; and history making.


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2 months and we already have a Chris Redman type issue... Only instead of a tree stand, Lamar is going over the handlebars of a jet ski; dope...


I have no feelings for football this year, kimd of reminds me of the strike shortened season where the Slurs won the *Super Bowl, meh...

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Take a look at baseball, several members of the Rangers team has now come down with covid; picture that on an NFL team with only 16 games to play. Shoot, even MLB now with a 60 game schedule, 2 weeks now before those players can possibly play. Half their team, do they forfeit the games?

I'm not sure how they are going to play this year

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Yeah...I don't think they can. I don't think we'll see any football this year. Hope I wrong. I wonder what would happen to all the service time and contracts of the football players. Plus it's a year off their career lives. Sad situation.

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Yea....Real sad situation.

The Ravens have a legit Super Bowl Contending roster. How often do you see that?! Now this opportunity is fading away.

I want the NFL and the State of Maryland to do what is right for the safety of the people. Fans or not. Everyone.  And if that means surrendering to the reality of no football in 2020, then that's what must be done.


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