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The Chesapeake Bay restoration is in deep trouble


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It's not going as planned and certainly not going well as many politicians would have us believe.

Good Read.....


Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts have reached their lowest ebb.  The wheels are coming off the commitments by federal and state governments to get the job done and assure a flourishing ecological treasure. Flesh-Eating Diseases. Dinoflagellates such as pfiesteria flourish proliferate and grow toxic fueled by excess nutrients. Contact with bay water can lead to flesh-eating infections, loss of limbs, and even deaths.  I have seen the legs of men being eaten from the inside from water contact in the Severn and South Rivers.  Mahogany Tide.  This spring’s mahogany tide was more widespread and intense because of excess nutrients. As the algae died, oxygen-deprived water led to tens of thousands dead fish of 12 species — a harbinger of worse to come this summer? Bay grasses. ....Bay grasses. .....https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/environment/ac-cn-column-gerald-winegrad-20200613-3kopgh7y6vhyliq7j3fvo2yqaa-story.html

I'm not getting in that water....or eating anything that comes out of it.

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Can they make uo their minds? Every apring and fall we see local news cover the volunteers settimg out baby grasses to grow, an expert chimes in, in a few years this will be great Well, this has been going on for more than 10 years. Well wnough for the grasses to have grown. Earlier reports were great.


Enter Mister clean wheel , 2, 3 of them, that hekp clean trash out of the Bay. They empty those rhimg constantly- reports are always great.

Now to the baby oysters beong put in in nurseries in the bay. Again, 10 years ago atleast this was started. Each report since has been great.


So which is is? Are those programs not workimg? Not qorkimg emough? Were they false reports?


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