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Hollywood is getting swole


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He says it hasn't slowed him down but he's not as fast as he was in college....


Marquise "Hollywood" Brown is obviously stronger and bigger than last season, but that does not mean he has gotten slower.

One of the NFL's fastest players, Brown says he has maintained his speed despite adding muscle to his frame. He was the Ravens' most dynamic deep threat last season and has maintained his ability to strike quickly on any play.

"I got the Ravens to send me a GPS tracker down to make sure I was still at top speed," Brown said. "Even my first day running, not even going top speed, I matched my highest speed since I've been with the Ravens. I was pleased to hear that. I just had to make sure it was still there."

"Everything with gaining weight was keeping my speed and getting faster. I put together a good regimen with the running. It wasn't just like I put the weight and tried to get out there and start running. It took time for the weight to stick on me. I was gaining, losing. It started sticking around June."

Brown always seems to have an extra gear when it comes to speed. When asked if he is now as fast as he was in college, he smiled. "I didn't get there yet," Brown said. "I haven't touched that."....https://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/news-notes-marquise-hollywood-brown-has-already-hit-last-year-s-top-speed


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